Thursday, 25 December 2008

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Character Designs

Hi, here are the Character Designs of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. First is Mr Poole, he is Dr. Jekyll’s butler. I wanted him to look snobby and stern like he runs Dr. Jekyll’s house like a drill sergeant. Like he was from an order of butlers and its not just a job for him. Next is Utterson, a lawyer and friend to Dr Jekyll. He is trustworthy and calculating. Next from Scotland Yard is Inspector Newcommen. He starts investigating Dr. Jekyll after Sir Danvers Carew’s death. I made him all the one colour because his whole life is about the thin blue line. To his right is Mr Hyde. I tried to make him look disgusting looking and a bit crazy and mindless. Next is Dr Jekyll, he is holding the potion that changes his life. I tried to make him look the opposite to Mr Hyde, I tried to make him look like a nice guy and a bit of a push over. Next to him is Sir Danvers Carew. A kind old man and important member of parliament, Sir Danvers is the father of Dr Jekyll's fiancee and Mr Hyde tramples him to death. Last is Richard Enfield, he is a lawyer and Mr Utterson’s friend he is the one who reveals that Mr Hyde is Dr Jekyll’s heir. I wanted to make him blue so he looks like he is affected by living in foggy London. Well, I hope you like them.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year that’s all for 2008 thanks for stopping bye hope you keep checking the blog out in 2009.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Little Shop of Horrors Character Designs

Here is some Little Shop of Horrors character designs I have done I tried to get a likeness to the characters in the film and still make them look like they could be in an animated cartoon . First on the left is Mr. Mushnik's who owns the flower shop that Seymour Krelborn works in next is Seymour Krelborn who raises Audrey II the flower which he is holding as a baby next is Audrey II grown up and looking for more people to eat next is Audrey the object of Seymour’s affection next to her is Audrey’s boyfriend Orin Scrivello who is a dentist. They were interesting to draw I hope you like them.