Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Little Red Riding Hood Chatacter Designs

While I am looking for work, I am setting myself some challenges to get better at character designing. I'm trying to do designs from different stories, I'm starting with Little Red Riding Hood I've set the story in the 1950's the wolf has just robbed a vacuum salesman so that he can trick the granny into letting him into her house. The first image are designs of red riding, her mother and father, and her grandmother. The second image are designs of the wolf and the woodsmen and the third image is the process of how I draw up the image I start of with scribbles in my sketch book then I rough the drawing up more and then finish it in flash. The third image is the process of drawing the grandmother. HOPE YOU LIKE THEM.


Drew said...

Owen, very nice work! More, MORE!!

tomm said...

cool - did you do those finn mccool designs for zinc? they are class

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks very much Tomm for the comment. Yeah I did loads of character designs along with Gary for Finn Mccool for Zink, I think it going to be a really interesting TV show.