Monday, 14 June 2010

Captain Clegg

Here are some Captain Clegg designs I did trying to get some work, unfortunately it's doesn't look like it's going ahead hopefully it changes in the near future. Hope you like them.


Gnarfdeath said...

these are dope!

Gulzar said...

I'm diggin em! keep em comin yo Monster man! :)

Tommaso said...

Man, this is awesome stuff! Love these monsters!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Ahhh sorry about the project man, hopefully you do get something outta it. anywhoo, very cool post man...i mean this is what you call an update...and full of monsters no less

Good stuff bro

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks Gnarfdeath for stopping bye.

Thanks Gulzar I seem to be drawing alot of monsters lately so I should be able to post more in a while.

Thanks for the comment Tommaso glad you liked them.

Thanks for stopping bye Wayne if nothing eles at least I have these characters to post out of the project.

Thanks again guys for stopping bye your comments are very encouraging.

Gordon Hammond said...

Owen.....your designs are intense!!

mach 5 man...!! Amazing stuff!!