Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Jimmy Knocknee Banshee Hunter

After a lot of hard work, I can finally introduce my first original concept for a designer resin toy Jimmy Knocknee Banshee Hunter
Jimmy Knocknee hails from legendary ancient lineage of banshee hunters who have hunted the length and breathe of Ireland to seek and annihilate all the banshee for centuries.  Jimmy Knocknee wears a haunted enchanted hat created by fusing cursed hag eyes and rotten troll’s teeth that mystically detect banshee’s and savage werewolf jacket that when he pulls up the hood Jimmy can transform into a monstrous savage Werewolf to attack the banshee. Jimmy Knocknee is sculpted with a poseable head and I will post photos soon, I am currently putting the finishing touches to the sculpt before I pour the mould. I am also working on the Banshee sculpture which will be part of a long line of Banshee Hunter related resin toys created, designed and produced by me.

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