Thursday, 31 July 2008

Pencil Test Faire Fly


Nini said...

Alright, if you say that you don't do this stuff professionally, you're a goddamn liar! This is great stuff and I'd love to see more.

Now I feel like after seeing this and then your showreel that my advice might be for the wrong person or at least at the wrong skill level.

Owen Flanagan said...

I am trying hard to do this professionally but I'm finding it hard to find work. I've animated for 3 years in games but lack 2D TV series animation experience I created all the flash stuff in my showreel by myself to show what I can do. I appreciate all the advice that people have to offer it's always welcome. I am hoping to do some more 2D animation and will post it on youtube.

Nini said...

I reckon that your background in game animation should benefit you seeing as you do have the chops to make it someplace in the animation industry.

I don't know very much getting into animation and getting the experience required to step up but I'm reckoning like everything else you've got to start at the bottom doing inbetweening or xerox before you get to show your skills off. Keep up animating though, someone may pick up on your work and be interested in hiring.