Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Some More Character Designs

Here is some more character designs that I have done. I had alot of fun drawing these, hope you like them.


Nini said...

I do like your work, it has a strong style and works well. Things to improve on, when I look at them from a distance they look good but up close it's a bit too loose for such a clean and precise design style which needs some tightening up. Also, some more work with the linework, there's no thick outlining as you'd expect from this style and would push it over from decent design with iffy implementation into awesome design with great implementation.

I'd like to know how you create your work, maybe in a future post you can show us. I'll be watching you, the potential is there, just needs some work.

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks for the comment I start the characters with very loose scribbles in my sketchbook usaully I draw dozens of characters on the one page and then scan them in and clean them up in sketchbook pro and colour them up in photoshop. I am going to start using flash to clean up my sketches so I can get better linework. I will post the stages of my work with the next characters I post.

Nini said...

Guess you noticed Sketchbook Pro was introducing problems where none were before, eh? As long as you're posting stages, that'll be great because I'd like to see your raw sketchwork before you transfer it into Sktechbook Pro.

Thinking on it, Flash would be a great place to do cleanup and basic colouring before going off into Photoshop to finish up, never personally took to using Flash as it has some quirks which threw me off a lot and work in Illustrator instead, best if you play around with both and get a feel for which works best.