Thursday, 18 September 2008

Goldilocks and The Three Bears Character Concepts

Here is goldilocks and the three bears character concepts. On the left is goldilocks then honey T bear next to her is her son teddy T bear and his father Grizzly T bear. The story is set at a truck stop goldilocks sneaks into the bears house while the mother and father are at work and teddy is playing baseball outside. I wanted to portray goldilocks as a spoiled brat who turns her nose up at everything and destroys the bears house. Hope you like it.


Nathan Hayes Boyd said...

Awesome! I've always seen Goldilocks that same way :)

And Baby Bear is a Cubs fan. Fantastic!

Oscar Rosales said...

I really like your style! Very Cool Stuff!!!

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks Nathan for the comment I thought it would be a nice idea for him to be a cubs fan, Thanks again for your comments Oscar I am glad yous liked them.