Friday, 3 October 2008

Hansel and Gretel Character Designs

Here are the Hansel and Gretel character designs I did. I see the stepmother as the real villain of the piece, she is starving Hansel and Gretel behind the fathers back to try to force them to leave the house so I wanted to make her like a nasty piece of work and I wanted to make the witch look really horrible because after all she is trying to eat Hansel and Gretel. I wanted to give her a pet and I thought a wild boar would suite her, also I wanted to make Hansel and Gretel look hungry. On the left is the father who is unaware of what is going on around him next is the stepmother then it’s Hansel and Gretel the second image is the witch with her wild boar. Hope you like it.


jacks said...

awesome stuff

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks for the comment Jacks I've been looking at you blog some really cool designs.