Friday, 28 November 2008

Sherlock Holmes Character Designs

Here are some Sherlock Holmes character designs I did. First is Doctor Watson next is Holmes himself and then is Moriarty. Hope you like them.


sebastian barreiro said...

Thanks for your coments in my blog, but in your´s are a lot of great stuff too. You have a great style.
Best you

Sir Franagan said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am very impressed by your work, you have turned into a modal of whom learning.
I also am looking for work, if you find something for the two call me, hahaha.


David Kow said...

great characters and a awesome blog!!!

Chris Kennett said...

Hi Owen, I've been meaning to come back here for a while now. I love your character designs, you attention to costume detail is first class. Enjoyed your showreel too. Keep up the great work!

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks Sebastian for stopping bye the blog, thanks for the comment. Thanks Sir Franagan for the comments unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be that many jobs at the minute or maybe its just me, good luck on the job hunt. Thanks very much David for the comment I am glad you liked the blog. Thanks Chris for stopping bye again and for the comment I’m glad you liked the show reel I will be doing some more animations soon to make it better. Thanks again everyone for stopping bye I appreciate the comments.

Sadegh Mollaie said...

Salam (hi).
I love your weblog.
nice works and wonderful.
do u want see my works on my weblog?
Ya Ali (bye).

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks Sadegh for the comment I am glad you liked the blog, I looked at your blog and I really liked the rogue lion and impostor fox.