Thursday, 6 November 2008

Children of Lir Character Designs

Here are the Children of Lir character designs I have done they took a bit longer to do than normal but there where a few more characters to do this time.
Children of Lir is an Irish story. Lir’s wife Aoibh dies but because she is immortal so she will only be away for a while she worries about the children and they miss her a lot so Bodb Dearg who wants to become the leader of the Tuatha Dé Dannan which where Irish fairies sends Lir his second daughter to marry she become jealous of the children’s love for there mother and turns them into swans Lir is disgusted by this and searches for the children but can’t find them, they are cursed to spend three hundred years on three separate islands the curse is broken by a druid after nine hundred years and then the children reappear but they are really old and decrepit.
In the first image there is Aoibh she is the children’s mother then next is Lir who is a sea god so I gave him some scales and gills then there is Bodb Dearg, Dearg which in Gaeilge is The Red. Next is Aoife she is Bodb Dearg’s second daughter I wanted to make her sneaky and a bit of a schemer and last is Druid Quimlan when he rings the bell the curse on the children is broken I wanted to make him look like Lir had sent him to break the spell so I gave him blue hair and put a wave motif around the sleeves of his top.
The next image is Lir’s children when they are young, first is Aodh he is the eldest and wants to be a warrior next are the twins Conn and Fiachra they want to be hurling stars (which is an Irish sport) next is Fionnuala who wants to be an alchemist.
The third image is when the children are turned into swans I wanted to use there hair styles and there colours to distinguish them from each other.
The Fourth image the children as old people I wanted the two eldest children to look a lot older then the twins. Hope you like it.


Mike Terry said...

I like your designs. Very fresh!

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks very much Mike for yor comment I'm glad you liked them.

SteveLambe said...

Those are some great designs, Owen. You have a keen eye for shapes and details.

Owen Flanagan said...

Thanks steve for the comment it's very encouraging.