Sunday, 19 October 2008

Jack and The Nanobot Beanstalk

Here are some character designs I did of Jack and the Nanobot Beanstalk. I set the story in the future and the beanstalk is created by nano technology, Jack brings the Milk a Tron 4000 down to the market and he trades it for the Nanobot Beanstalk which Jack’s mother is not too pleased about. The first image is Jack’s mother next to her is the Milk a Tron 4000 then it’s the chicken that lays the golden eggs then it’s the harp who conducts himself and then it’s Jack as he is very lazy and doesn’t want to walk anywhere he has wheels on his shoes and a rocket pack on his back, he is holding the orb with the nano technology which becomes the beanstalk. I wanted Jack to look like he is not the sharpest tool in the box. The next image is of the giant and his wife who doesn’t want him to eat Jack. It was fun to draw the giants. Hope you like it.

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Anonymous said...

great work loved everything about it keep it coming dor